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Individual services

In the course of auditing activities, we are faced with the necessity of providing such services as filing declarations and private returns. The clients often are not able to provide accurate information it certain time about complex accounting objects in the tax VAT returns and income tax. Tax control from the state in recent years has tightened, and customers have to provide a huge amount of explanation to the tax returns, in which we can help you too.


We can offer you assistance in completing following declarations:

- The VAT declaration (import, export, etc)

- Declaration of income tax (including forward transactions) residents and non-residents

- Calculation of the property tax

- Financial statements

- Calculation in the FSS

- Payment of insurance premiums RSV-1

- Data on individuals' earnings

- Declaration on the USN

- A book of income and expenditure for the USN

- Other


If you are interested in the proper filing tax returns or financial statements, we will be happy to hear you: (495) 694-38-93, (495) 694-43-92