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HR services

Personnel management is the basis for the functioning of the company and the well-built structure is the foundation of effective activity of the company. It is properly fitted frames and system of their motivation allows achieving the significant results, even in the absence of significant financial resources.


We offer you the “HR services”, which may includes:

- Consideration of the staffing structure, analysis and recommendations on its legal optimization

- Search for management solutions in the field of personnel records

- Motivation of staff

- Review of the effectiveness and productivity of staff

- Construction of the staffing structure of holding companies, building relationships between levels of government

- Representing and protecting interests in labor inspection or litigation support

- Documenting labor relations with foreign nationals, obtaining permits to engage foreign labor and work permits for foreign employees

- Payments to foreign employees, taxation, declaration of income


We help competently organize all human resources processes, outsourcing, address the shortcomings in the work of the staff, rational division of responsibilities within the company, to develop an effective system of personnel evaluation and motivation.


HR Consulting is the creative work and requires an individual approach. We are ready to discuss it by telephone: (495) 694-43-92, (495) 694-38-93