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Main:Legal services

Legal services

Specialists of MBB-audit legal department offers the high-quality legal assistance to clients. We are continually developing, expanding the range of services.

We are ready to provide you with services on a permanent basis, and perform separate engagements, providing a personal approach to each client.


Tax practice


Quality information and legal support in the area of taxation is the key to the success of any company. We are ready to provide our customers with a wide range of services in the area of tax planning, audit and tax risk management.




Related-party transactions:

- Identification of related parties;

- Pricing selection and background for related-party transactions;

- Calculation of taxes in accordance with the method chosen for the tax period;

- Preparation of notifications and relevant documentation on related-party transactions for the tax authorities.


Tax audit:

- Identification of transfer pricing risk;

- Tax expertise of the existing system of economic relations;

- Verification and validation of calculation and payment of taxes and fees;

- Determination of the probability of a tax audit assignment;

- Quick tax audit.



Tax litigations:

- Legal review of actions and decisions taken by tax authorities;

- Customer advocacy during tax inspections, appeals of tax authorities to a higher tax authority;

- Assistance with refund/offset of tax overpayments;

- Customer advocacy in the courts of all instances on the appeal of non-regulatory acts.




- Tax examination of transactions;

- Identification of tax risks at the stage of transactions planning;

- Consulting on the unresolved by the legislation or controversial issues of taxation and accounting;

- Drafting of accounting policy, assessment of the existing accounting policies.



Income declarations:

- Income declaration for Russian citizens;

- Income declaration for non-residents;

- Obtaining certificates confirming the status of a tax resident of the Russian Federation;

- Avoidance of double taxation.


Corporate practice



Today's business environment forces companies to face with many complex legal problems, which proper solution not only contributes to the success of the company, but also prevents the occurrence of risks. Our staff is highly experienced in consulting on corporate management and support of any corporate procedures.





Services at the stage of start-up:

- Consulting on the selection of the optimal organizational form for legal entity;

- Preparation of the documents necessary for the establishment and registration of legal entities;

- Support of the registration procedure;

- Accreditation of representative offices and opening of foreign companies’ branches in Russia.



Support of current activities:

- Reorganization of legal entities of any legal form;

- Securities (registration issues, preparation and conduct of general meetings of shareholders, disclosure, securities transactions, the presentation of mandatory offers);

- Approval of transactions in the Federal Antimonopoly Service.



Due Diligence



Due Diligence is an analysis (review) of commercial, operational, financial, tax and legal activities of the company, which allows to identify the circumstances that may have an adverse effect on the value of the company.


Our experts will help you:

- To get the information about the financial, economic and legal aspects of the audited company;

- To assess the potential risks associated with the implementation of the proposed transaction.

- Infrastructure;

- lead advisory, operational transaction services;

- Due Diligence (legal);

- Transaction support.


Commercial practice



We have extensive experience in the drafting of contracts and analysis of commercial risks.



·        development and legal due diligence of documents;

·        development the doing business of contractual scheme;

·        representation of clients’ interests in negotiations with contractors;

·        identification and analysis of commercial risks, practical measures on their minimization;

·        preparation of legal options on wide-range of issues;

·        preparation of claims, complaints, petitions.