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Procedures and techniques used by specialists from MBB Group of Companies have been recognized by the international professional community.



- Diagnostics of companies to elaborate recommendations regarding preparation of IFRS financial statements;

- Preparation of IFRS financial statements based on transformation of financial

- Statements prepared in accordance with Russian standards;

- Preparation of consolidated financial statements;

- Audit of IFRS financial statements in accordance with ISA;

- Audit of financial statement of public companies listed on any US stock exchange (SEC, NASDAQ);

- Implementation of parallel IFRS accounting with the help of computer software;

- Preparation of IFRS financial statements in accordance with the foreign parent company’s standards.


Our staff takes into consideration the objectives of IFRS financial statements (such as attracting private funding, public offering of shares, issue of international or Russian debt instruments, etc.) and uses actively the experience of international audit companies.


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