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Main:Audit, related services and advisory

Audit, related services and advisory

 Financial statement audits give assurance over information used by investors and the capital markets. It is also the useful way to receive the whole information about the company’s financial conditions. Financial statement audits give assurance over information used by investors and the capital markets – the responsibility to the public interest MBB-Audit professionals take very seriously, using many programs to create better audit evidence. Internal quality control system and professional approaches guarantee proper level of services complying with the applicable national and international standards.

MBB-Audit employees are experienced in providing auditing to different companies. It gives the opportunity of an individual approach to each client taking into account the specifics of their businesses.



Statutory audit, including audit of:

·        public corporations;

·        organizations with state share ownership not less than 25 percent;

·        listing companies;

·        lenders;

·        credit bureaus;

·        clearing organizations;

·        equity investment funds;

·        management companies of joint-stock investment funds, mutual funds, non state pension funds;

·        organizations that are professional participants of the securities market;

·        organizations that publish consolidated accounting (financial) statements;

·        state corporations.



Voluntary audit

Audit of consolidated statements of the whole group and individual holdings, sub-holdings, prepared in accordance with RAS.


Related services

·        review engagement;

·        agreed procedures.


·        accounting;

·        tax;

·        setting, restoration and maintenance of fiscal accounting;

·        preparation of fiscal accounting and declarations;

·        financial statements;

·        advisory on accounting policy;

·        preparation of accounting (financial) statements;

·        preparation of a work plan of accounts and instructions for its use;

·        audit on special assignment;

·        development of a Fast Close methodology;

·        advisory on creation, development and modernization of accounting systems.